Double Chins are NOT cute on a Saturday night…

...or ANY night for that matter.

Imagine it is Saturday night out with the girls. You're in the most killer outfit wearing those AH-mazing pumps that cost way too much, rocking flawless makeup that took you 2 hours to apply, and runway-walking with hair blowing like a mermaid goddess. Everyone gathers around for a picture. Before posting, your friend slaps on a filter that makes everyone look drop dead gorgeous, and then **@tag**. Social Media has full access to the photo, and everyone is tagged. You check out the photo and ***EEKKKK***, your DOUBLE CHIN! Your perfect Girl's Night photo is ruined and it's all you can focus on. **Untag**.

How many of us take photos of ourselves from the side? Chances are not many. It can be daunting to face the truth about what we look like from the side, but it doesn't have to be. Thanks to all the advancements in Aesthetic Medicine, we can now do something about it. Allow me to introduce to you KYBELLA!

Here's the breakdown: Kybella is FDA approved, which means it is safe. It is used to eliminate sub-mental fat, AKA your double chin. Kybella Treatment results can take on average 2 – 4 treatments to achieve the desired result, scheduled 6 weeks apart, and is permanent! There is some swelling involved after each treatment, so the best time to schedule would be over the weekend. Swelling typically lasts 3 - 5 days, depending on how much Kybella is used. Side effects are minimal - slight swelling, mild soreness for 1 - 2 days, and some temporary numbness in the area treated. From my experience, most patients describe the pain as a 2 - 3 out of 10, not too bad! Results are seen 6 weeks after the final treatment.

I haven't had a single patient that hasn't been happy with their results. Those that have a little bitty nugget of fat under his/her chin are some of my best responders, most noticing dramatic results even after one session! So a permanent sculpted chiseled jawline, WHY NOT After Kybella, even if your BMI gets up there, your profile won't show it!