Men's Jawline Sculpting | Kybella Injections
??Ah…the illustrious jawline. A symbol of masculinity and ?? strength— but why do all the movie and ??‍? rock stars have one and you don’t? IF IT ISN’T GENETICS, THEY?PAID FOR IT. The secret weapon? KYBELLA. ?

Defined jawlines are a symbol of ??poise and ??power. Let’s face it, when you’re proud of your jawline, you hold your head up high and exude ? confidence. In reality, double chins plague men of all ages, no matter how fit and healthy you are, and most times genetics are to blame. No man wants a sloppy profile— who doesn’t want to look good from all angles? ?Studies show a link between a man’s perceived appeal and the angle of his jaw. ?

Today’s modern man understands that looks can carry them far into their career and are constantly aware of their social profile. Men (and women) are working longer in their lifetime ??‍♂️??‍⚕️??‍?and they want to look professionally desirable for their age group. Those ? button-ups and double Windsors tend to highlight any bulk and saggy skin in the area.

?What is Kybella? It is the only FDA approved, permanent procedure that will rid you of your double chin. Downtime? A few days of swelling, about 3-4. Results will begin to show at week 5/6 and the procedure is repeated again until desired results are achieved. ?? Want to ?amp things up even more? Add a thick HA filler along the jawline or accompany with a TruSculpt 3D treatment to really make it pop.?

Simply put, there is an innate attraction (? ?) to men with strong facial features. Whether it be a professional or personal reason for doing Kybella, getting a streamlined and sculpted profile is attainable, even if you weren’t born with it!??

Cassie Wind, RN, BSN, CANS