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Appointment Prep | Tip #4

Appointment Prep | Tip #4 ???‍⚕️This is not just to make my job easier, it’s for your protection! #safetyfirst #riveroaksmedspa

Appointment Prep | Tip #3

Appointment Prep | Tip #3 ⚠️Help a ??‍⚕️ nurse out… Put down that ????! #riveroaksmedspa

Appointment Prep | Tip #2

Appointment Prep | Tip #2 ⚠️ This is for infection prevention, biofilms, and other complications. ☝?Some fillers are injected directly on the periosteum (bone) so it’s EXTREMELY important to avoid makeup for 24 hours post-procedure. #besafealways #riveroaksmedspa #aestheticnurse

Appointment Prep | Tip #1

Appointment Prep | Tip #1 ??‍⚕️My new weekly series to help all new and existing patients with their ?appointments. ?Hope you enjoy! #riveroaksmedspa #aestheticnurse #educateyourself

Men’s Jawline Sculpting | Kybella Injections

??Ah…the illustrious jawline. A symbol of masculinity and ?? strength— but why do all the movie and ??‍? rock stars have one and you don’t? IF IT ISN’T GENETICS, THEY?PAID FOR IT. The secret weapon? KYBELLA. ? Defined jawlines are a symbol of ??poise and ??power. Let’s face it, when […]

Men’s Health Month | truSculpt 3D

?Listen up men – sculpted is sexy. Long gone are the days of baggy cargo shorts and ?oversized polos. Today’s professional man is head-to-toe ? slim-fit. Guys, we want to see your bodies too! ?Question is, do you have the body confidence to rock that trim-fit suit or pull off […]

Skin School 101 | Lesson #10

?Lesson # 10: Consistency.☝?Last lesson and it’s the most important one of all: Be consistent with your daily skincare routine. ⭐️GREAT SKIN TAKES HARD WORK⭐️ Get advice from the??‍⚕️??‍⚕️professionals in the industry (not the girl behind the counter at Macy’s). Seek advice from a practice that offers?medical grade skincare and […]

Skin School 101 | Lesson #9

?Lesson #9: Neurotoxins. Let’s take this skin stuff to another level:?NEUROTOXINS. Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are the 3 common neurotoxins (AKA neuromodulators) available in the US market. *For the purpose of this lesson, I will be referring to the cosmetic use of neurotoxins. ?Now I know what some of you […]

Skin School 101 | Lesson #8

?Lesson #8: Use?medical-grade skincare. Consumers are often lured to popular over-the-counter brands and it’s easy to see why- they’re advertised all over?TV, the packaging is cute, they smell ?good, and are cheap. I’ll admit to dabbling in mainstream brands from Sephora or a drugstore.??‍♀️Some masks and cleansers I really enjoy […]

Skin School 101 | Lesson #7

?LESSON # 7: STAY HYDRATED.? Ok here’s the tricky truth: Drinking the daily recommended 16oz of water may or may not affect your skin.??‍♀️ The point of this lesson is to understand the importance of properly hydrating your SKIN. One of the most ??‍♀️ confusing topics for my patients is […]